Are links from any good?

Video Transcript:

Hi there, this is Rick from I just wanna show you why I don’t like links from One of the main reasons is that I deal with a lot of Manual Actions given by Google for unnatural links and in almost every case, the site will have a link from, so there seems to be a pattern there.

When you look at it’s a blog about everything in The World, so, therefore, it’s going to be a place where you drop links.

Looking at the metrics of it, these are LRT metrics, but you can see here that the domain has 20,000,000 backlinks and the homepage itself has 662,000 backlinks. There is some trust there and some power. You would think that for a site with those kinds of metrics that you would have some sort of traffic. Really there is very little, we are talking about a tiny amount of traffic. It ranks for weird things like ‘over the shoulder selfie’, that’s OK I suppose. ‘Over the shoulder ass selfie’ – hmm OK. All a bit odd really.

Looking at the backlinks it has you can see straight away in SEMRush it is showing all these kind of porn links as backlinks. Now I think the reason for this is…what happens is….

If you do a ‘ porn’ search, you will see that there are plenty of porn links or pages rather that are indexed by Google. Admittedly some of these are on weird subdomains like and, but nevertheless, they are there. Now what happens with this site as far as I can tell is it gets hacked a hell of lot. Then people drop in these porn links and then they build shitty backlinks to The consequence of that is that it gets almost zero traffic. So that is the reason that I think is a really bad place for a link and I would always suggest disavowing that.